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Lawrence Kirschner, PhD



Research Description

The Kirschner lab is focused on endocrine tumor genetics, with specific interest in understanding how dysregulation of PKA contributes to tumorigenesis in cAMP-responsive tissues. Using a combination of in vivo mouse models and in vitro tissue culture work, we aim to understand how activated PKA  cross-talks with a variety of other signaling pathways to produce tumors. As part of OSU’s thyroid cancer group, we have developed mouse models of benign and malignant follicular thyroid tumors which behave similarly to the human disease. We are studying signaling pathways that are important for the transition from benign to malignant, and from locally invasive to metastatic. From our mice models, we have developed other projects in Schwann cell tumors and bone tumors which are focused around understanding the relationship of tumor formation to aberrant differentiation processes.