Need biomedical informatics support for your project?

Please fill out our project request survey:

Project Request Form


We will then circulate your request among our center colleagues to determine which statistician(s) are able to assist your project. Please ensure you are up to date on BISR's policies in the meantime.

Hourly Projects:

  • If this is a request to work with a bioinformatician at their hourly rate (i.e., no MOU is in place), the assigned bioinformatician will reach out to the investigator to meet/discuss project expectations and fee structure prior to beginning work. The bioinformatician will use this information to complete a Cost Estimate form in REDCap. Upon completion, the investigator will receive an email with the cost estimate responses attached for review and a link to a 'PI Approval' form in REDCap where they will provide their final signature of approval. After this step, collaboration may ensue.

MOU Projects:

  • If this is a request to work with a bioinformatician who has been assigned to an MOU with your lab, please still fill out the project request form to help us keep track. Once the form is submitted, the bioinformatician on the MOU will simply reach out for an initial meeting to discuss project expectations. No cost estimate required. If expectations are agreeable, collaboration may ensue.



Please reach out to with any inquiries related to project requests.