The Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center is dedicated to furthering education and patient care. Each year, the center uses limited resources to purchase educational equipment. When faculty have an interest in purchasing specific types of simulators and/or equipment for their educational programs, a number of factors are taken into consideration to help prioritize purchases if funds are being requested from the Clinical Skills Center.

Based on the responses and the cost of the request, the center may determine one of the following:

  • The center will purchase the item with center funds.
  • The center will share in the cost of the purchase with the requesting department.
  • The center does not have the funds this fiscal year to make the purchase.
  • In addition, if other funding sources might be available, the center will recommend other funding vehicles.

Simulators will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • How realistic the simulator is
  • Quality/durability of the simulator (i.e., how much training can be done before parts have to be replaced)
  • Overall cost of simulator
  • Cost of replacement parts

Please complete the following items to help us in the purchase review process.

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