Exploration through enhanced research

Investigators in the Division of Infectious Diseases are poised to advance our current clinical knowledge and translational basic research in infectious diseases. Division faculty are already on the front lines of major research.

National HIV/AIDS experts head the division's Infectious Diseases Clinical Trials Unit (IDCTU), an NIH-funded research site that continues to augment the medical community's knowledge about new treatment for persons with HIV/AIDS. Investigators in pharmaceutical studies are pursuing "medicines of the future" that will aid in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Working closely with joint faculty members in the Department of Microbial Infections and Immunity, the division collaborates on projects of microbial pathogenesis research.

Infectious Diseases Clinical Trials Unit

The Ohio State University Infectious Diseases Clinical Trials Unit (IDCTU) is one of thirty sites nationwide that conducts federally-sponsored research studies for the treatment of HIV, AIDS and related illnesses. An expert, interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and pharmacists staff the IDCTU and are ready to answer your questions. At the IDCTU, volunteers can also participate in studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and receive referrals to other research programs at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

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Department of Clinical Epidemiology

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Department of Clinical Epidemiology is primarily located at University Hospital with an additional site at East Hospital. The activities are primarily directed at education, surveillance and clinical research.

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Pharmaceutical Studies

The Division of Infectious Diseases engages in a wide spectrum of clinical and basic research sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. These include phase one to three clinical trials of anti-infective agents and vaccines.

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