The doctorate in Immunology and Immunotherapeutics program affords you the opportunity to concentrate in immunological areas including, but not limited to cellular and molecular immunology, immunology of infectious diseases (host-pathogen interactions), translational immunology (immunotherapeutic and immuno-oncology, vaccine development) and systems immunology.

You’ll have the opportunity to focus your curriculum through a selection of advanced electives in immunology and related courses. 

To successfully earn a PhD in Immunology and Immunotherapeutics, you’ll complete a minimum of 80 credits, and you’ll be required to have a first or co-first author publication before graduation. Completion of a written doctoral thesis and oral defense are also required.

All dissertation research, instruction and mentorship will be provided by program faculty. Learn more about our program faculty.

Core Courses

Core Courses

Sample Electives

  • PATHOL 7847 Cellular Mechanisms and Pathogenesis of Inflammation
  • HTHRHSC 7595 Translational Neuroimmunology
  • BSGP 7880 Vaccine Immunology
  • BSGP 7950 Host‐Pathogen Interactions
  • PATHOL 8850 Seminars in Pathology
  • BIOPHRM 5555 Epigenetics
  • New courses in Systems Immunology and Advanced Immuno-oncology will also be offered