A quarter of all human deaths can be attributed to infection each year and treatment options are becoming more limited with a dramatic increase in multi-drug resistant microbes. Hence, a better understanding of the interaction between microbes and the immune system is essential for making discoveries that will ultimately translate to the clinic in terms of better diagnostics, biomarkers, therapies and vaccines.

The Ohio State University recognizes the urgent need for having a critical mass of outstanding, internationally recognized scientists in the fields of microbial pathogenesis and immunology, as well as the need to train the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists in microbiology and immunology.

Our Mission

To foster a creative, interdisciplinary environment that probes fundamental questions at the interface of microbes with their host and their environment, and translate new knowledge into practical therapies that benefit society. We strive to provide outstanding collaborative educational opportunities in the areas of infectious diseases, microbial pathogenesis and immunology that improve human health globally.

Our Goals

  • Direct interdisciplinary programs that lead to the development of top-tier researchers whose findings will broadly impact human health.
  • Use innovative model infectious disease systems that will accelerate discovery of diagnostic tools, therapeutics, and vaccines that can be translated into improved personalized patient care.
  • Maintain a collaborative training environment with mentorship that fosters intellectual creativity and instills passion in the next generation of scientists to perform cutting edge research in microbial infection and immunity.
  • Be international leaders in microbiology and immunology.
More about the Department of Microbial Infection & Immunity

More about the Department of Microbial Infection & Immunity