Innovations in colon and rectal surgery at Ohio State

The Department of Surgery's research efforts are focused on key areas of interest that promise to yield significant results in the understanding of disease and the improvement of clinical care.

The Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery continues to expand our research portfolio and our faculty members are active in clinical trials, health services, and basic science research. Research focuses include:

Our Research

  • Laparoscopic vs Robotic training: Comparing Learning Curves and Skill Transference in Senior General Surgery Residents 
    • This is an investigator-initiated study that focuses on the resident surgeon's learning curve and skill attainment using robotic and laparoscopic platforms. We intend to better understand how prior exposure to one MIS platform impacts the learning curve for the other, and how this information can be applied in surgical education programs to optimize surgeon skill attainment.
    • Syed Husain, MBBS is the principal investigator for this study and has been awarded a SAGES grant to pursue his research efforts. Dr. Husain's area of specialty is colon and rectal surgery with an expertise in minimally invasive surgery.