Innovations in thoracic surgery at Ohio State

The Department of Surgery's research efforts are focused on key areas of interest that promise to yield significant results in the understanding of disease and the improvement of clinical care.

Research Studies

  • Investigating the overexpression of genetic tumor markers for early-stage lung cancer. This may identify tumor genetic markers that can predict the recurrence of lung cancer in patients who have undergone surgery to remove their lung tumor - Robert Merritt

  • Exploring the impact of inflammaging on immune function during M. tb infection (Core B) – Robert Merritt

  • Minimally invasive thoracic surgeon with a clinical focus on robotic lung and esophageal surgery. Keen interest in surgical management of thoracic infectious disease and mediastinal tumors. Areas of research involve improving surgical outcomes and lung cancer - Desmond D'Souza

  • Actively engaged in clinical outcomes research with the goal to optimize patient-centered care in thoracic surgery. Investigative areas of interest include applications of minimally invasive thoracic techniques, patient-reported outcomes and quality of life, comparative/effectiveness, and quality improvement research - Peter Kneuertz

Professional Associations