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Patient Recruitment and Application


 We are currently recruiting Standardized Patients (SPs), so if you are interested in becoming an SP, please complete a Standardized Patient Application

With the completion of our new Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center (CSEAC), we are expanding our clinical skills education programs for medical students, housestaff and other allied professionals. Standardized Patients are a crucial component of the new Clinical Skills Center. The teaching and evaluation of clinical skills is becoming increasingly important in today’s society.  The CSEAC's primary goal is to improve and measure learner acquisition of clinical skills.  Areas of concentration include history taking, performing physical exams and patient interviews, communication skills, diagnosis and patient management.

The Clinical Skills Center has an ongoing process of hiring and training a diverse and comprehensive group of Standardized Patients, encompassing all ages, races, ethnic groups, religions, genders, etc.  They will be paid an hourly wage of $17, and no acting or medical experience is required.  A desire to be a participant in health care education, the ability to learn to consistently simulate patient cases, and personal dependability are essential. 

Medical students will have to take and pass a national clinical skills exam (The United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 2 Clinical Skills) to obtain medical licensure. The exam will utilize Standardized Patients.  One of the functions of the Clinical Skills Center will be to better prepare our students for this exam component. To achieve this goal, we need to provide students with highly reliable standardized patient encounters. This requires us to develop cases and thoroughly train our Standardized Patients to simulate specific medical scenarios.