The Ohio State University College of Medicine Office of Research provides support and resources to its biomedical research community by focusing its efforts on essential pre- and post-award activities and connecting researchers with sponsors. Shared core labs allow scientists to move quickly once funding is in place, with well-established facilities, equipment and resources ready for engagement. The Ohio State University helps its researchers bring discoveries to market with experienced technology and commercialization resources.

Outside Activities and Conflicts

Outside activities and conflicts are subject to the Outside Activities and Conflicts University Policy and managed in the College of Medicine. Conflicts of Interest (COI) are managed by The Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge, Office of Research Compliance and supported in the COM Office of Research. 

University policies and procedures for identifying, evaluating, and managing situations involving conflicts are designed to meet applicable sections of the Ohio Revised Code and as well as federal regulations.

For questions about outside activities and/or conflicts please contact

For information or conflict requests under Title 42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 50.605(a)(5)(i) and Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 94.5(a)(5)(i) please contact

Researcher Offboarding

The College of Medicine is committed to ensuring efficient department, college, and university offboarding procedures by collecting information from departing researchers and facilitating coordination of their departure from The Ohio State University. Adherence with the researcher offboarding process is designed to prevent delays and ensure congruency with applicable policies and procedures. Researcher Offboarding applies to any offboarding researcher, including The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC), College of Medicine departments, and supporting university units.

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