Obtaining IHIS Access for Research

The College of Medicine Office of Research in collaboration with The Ohio State University Health System has developed a defined process for granting access to the electronic health record, IHIS (Integrated Healthcare Information System), for research purposes. This process creates uniformity in the approval of access to protected health information (PHI) for research purposes and promotes compliance with regulations and institutional policies.

Please contact Kristin Page (kristin.page@osumc.edu) with any questions.

Download (internal access only) step-by-step instructions for submitting an eServices request if you are a researcher associated with OSUWMC.

Overview of Approval Process

The Health Information System Access Review Committee (HISARC) is responsible for the review and approval of IHIS access for research purposes. Download the infographic or read below to overview the process.

  • eServices ticket entered to request IHIS access for research
  • College of Medicine Office of Research notified of request
  • HISARC reviews request and verifies completion of compliance requirements
  • Requestor provides additional information
  • HISARC recommends security access template
  • Information security notified of access level approved
  • Information security confirms completion of training
  • User account is activated
  • Requester is notified of status


How to Request IHIS Access for Research Purposes

How to Request IHIS Access for Research Purposes