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What is Regional Outreach?

Regional Outreach is a team focused on creating collaborative relationships with regional medical centers, hospitals, and physicians throughout Ohio and beyond. Four Outreach Coordinators currently cover 63 of Ohio’s 88 counties:
Bill Cox covers the West Territory
Karen Mitchell covers the Southeast Territory
Susie Prewitt covers the Northeast Territory
Jennifer Rehklau covers Franklin County.  

One example of outreach collaboration is the implementation of telemedicine. Through the efforts of the outreach team and The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, 18 sites throughout Ohio currently partner with OSUWMC and the number of sites and telemedicine platforms are expected to expand.

Is Physician Placement part of Regional Outreach?

Yes. Relationships have been developed with regional medical centers to understand their medical staffing needs and to create opportunities for residents and fellows at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center to learn more about job placement in Ohio’s hospital communities. Think “match-maker” for jobs in Ohio.

How does Physician Placement differ from Recruiters?

Physician Placement is not a recruiter but is part of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Carol Koetting-Freeman serves as the Physician Placement Liaison for the Medical Center. Physician Placement works with in-house recruiters at hospitals throughout Ohio to identify open positions and residents or fellows who might be interested in learning more about them. This is offered as a free service and benefit to you as part of your residency or fellowship at Ohio State.

Are In-House recruiters the same as Agency Recruiters?

There are two kinds of recruiters: In-House and Agency Recruiters. Those who work at a health system, hospital, or medical group are known as In-House Recruiters. In-House Recruiters have extensive knowledge of a particular organization, area, and community. Those who work for a placement firm are known as Agency Recruiters or Head Hunters. Agency Recruiters represent many organizations and are the liaison between you and the organization.

Is there a cost associated with any of these services?

No, there is no cost to you as a physician. The organization seeking a physician pays for the services of an Agency Recruiter. There is also no cost for you to use Ohio State’s Physician Placement service. This is offered as a free benefit to you as a resident or fellow of our Medical Center.

I am interested in staying in Ohio – what are the next steps?

Contact Carol Koetting-Freeman in Physician Placement via email at carol.koetting-freeman@osumc.edu​
Include your CV if you have one ready. If you do not have a CV, or need help developing one, a template can be provided.

You will be contacted to set up a phone or one-on-one conversation about what you are looking for in a position; for example, location is a consideration for those who have young children and want to be closer to family in a specific area. The information you share provides insight for the position you seek. The next step involves Physician Place​ment reaching out on your behalf to those areas or opportunities that have been agreed upon to determine their interest. Regular communication is on-going.​