About our research teams

The Department of Anesthesiology is involved in many research studies of investigational drugs, medical-monitoring devices, clinical techniques, biomedical mechanisms and the causes of cardiovascular disease. Exciting research opportunities exist in these areas for students, postdoctoral researchers, residents, basic researchers and medical scientists. Below, you can find all members of our research team within the Department of Anesthesiology.

Research Team Faculty and Leaders

Fievos L Christofi, PhD, AGAF
Vice-Chair Research

Tristan Weaver, MD
Director Clinical Research

Michael Essandoh, MD
Associate Director Clinical Research

David M. Eckmann, PhD, MD
Vice-Chair Academic Affairs
Director, Center for Medical & Engineering Innovation

Hamdy Elsayed-Awad, MD, FASA
Associate Professor

Esmerina Tili, PhD
Research Assistant Professor

Marco Echeverria, MD
Assistant Professor Practice
Coordinator, Research Volunteer Experience

Clinical Research Team Members

Alberto Uribe, MD, MS, MPHc
Clinical Research Manager

Lindsay Hanes
Clinical Research Manager

Alexander Waldron
Clinical Research Assistant

Caitlin Hatten
Clinical Research Assistant

Cole Buchanan
Clinical Research Assistant

Jeremy Reeves
Clinical Research Assistant

Johnny McKeown
Clinical Research Assistant

Joshua-Paolo Reyes
Clinical Research Assistant

Basic Science Team Members

Iveta Grants
Senior Research Associate

Adam Green
Research Assistant 2

Samhita Chaudhuri
Research Assistant 2

Tanvir Hossain
Research Associate 2

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