Our Research Faculty


Andrew Carley, PhD

Willa Hsueh, MD

Willa Hsueh, MD

  • Research Focus: Diabetes mellitus, complications of diabetic mellitus, hypertension
Joshua J. Joseph, MD

Joshua Joseph, MD

  • Research Focus: Understanding risk factors for the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes in diverse populations

Lawrence S. Kirschner, MD, PhD

  • Research Focus: Endocrine tumor genetics, specifically in understanding how genes that cause inherited endocrine tumor syndromes in people contribute to tumorigenesis in endocrine tissues
E. Douglas Lewandowski, PhD

E. Douglas Lewandowski, PhD

  • Research Focus: Metabolic basis of impaired contractile function in the diseased heart and the impact of altered cardiac metabolism on peripheral organs and systemic metabolism

William Malarkey, MD

  • Research Focus: Stress and health outcomes

Matthew Ringel, MD

  • Research Focus: Molecular mechanisms involved in thyroid cancer invasion and metastasis, with an active interest in new drug testing for thyroid cancer therapy