Fellowship Overview

  • One year ACGME-accredited program
  • Two positions per year
  • Diverse patient population and comprehensive sleep study interpretation experience.
  • Diverse faculty- The teaching faculty are comprised of:
    • Adult pulmonary and pulmonary critical care, neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, otolarnyngology, dentistry, and psychology
    • Pediatric pulmonary, neurology, psychiatry, and psychology

Curriculum Structure

  • July- Sleep Medicine Bootcamp
  • 7 months of adult sleep medicine
  • 2 months of pediatric sleep medicine
  • 2 months of multi-specialty sleep medicine elective
  • Scholarship/Quality Improvement projects
  • Sleep Fellowship Education Conferences
  • Sleep study interpretation education

Sleep Medicine Bootcamp

The month of July is dedicated to educating the fellows on sleep study interpretation and introduction to clinical sleep medicine. It is comprised of online learning modules, live didactics, and sleep study scoring sessions with sleep technologist and faculty.

Adult Sleep Medicine Rotations

These rotations are comprised of weekly sleep medicine conference, sleep medicine clinics, and sleep study interpretation time. The sleep medicine clinics are staffed by sleep medicine physicians with backgrounds in pulmonary, neurology, and psychiatry.

Pediatric Sleep Medicine Rotations

During this rotation, fellows are at Nationwide Children's Hospital Sleep Center where they will attend pediatric sleep education conferences, pediatric sleep clinics and interpret pediatric polysomnograms with the pediatric sleep specialists. Since it is one of the top children's hospitals in the region, a range of patients are seen with sleep disordered breathing, narcolepsy, sleep movement disorders, insomnia, and children with congenital abnormalities. There is also exposure to neonates with sleep disordered breathing.

Multi-Specialty Sleep Medicine Electives

During this elective, fellows rotate in otolaryngology, dentistry, psychology and neuromodulation clinics.

Scholarship and Quality Improvement

Scholarship and Quality Improvement

The fellows participate in scholarship and quality improvement projects. They have regular meetings with their faculty mentor(s) regarding their projects and present at SLEEP in June.

Sleep Fellowship Education Conference

The conferences occur weekly for the entire year. They typically consist of an hour-long case conference followed by an hour didactic lecture.

  • The case conference is an interactive conference where both sleep faculty and fellows present interesting cases and polysomnography findings.
  • The didactics provide comprehensive coverage of topics in sleep medicine.
  • Monthly journal club
  • Monthly board review session.
  • Parts of the curriculum also have pre-recorded online modules that fellows view in advance of the lectures to serve as an introduction to the topic.

Sleep study interpretation

The month of July is dedicated to teaching the fellows sleep study interpretation via learning modules, live interactive didactic sessions, and sleep study reading sessions with our sleep technologists and sleep medicine faculty. In august, fellows start their clinics and interpreting patient sleep studies with a goal of reading 10-15 studies a week. There are structured reading session with faculty throughout the year as well.