To earn the MS in Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis, you will complete a minimum of 40 credit hours. These credit hours consist of 30 hours of core courses (including a minimum of 15 from laboratory research practicum) plus 10 hours of elective courses. The curriculum is designed to be completed in five terms with an autumn start and graduation in the spring of your second year. As this is a full-time program, you are expected to be enrolled in a minimum of eight credit hours per semester.

Student working in the laboratory at The Ohio State University.

You can also elect to begin the program early by enrolling in your research laboratory rotation course during the summer term prior to your first autumn semester.

Your curriculum is designed to provide you with a depth of knowledge and practical skill-sets in the following key areas:

  • Laboratory management practices including the day-to-day logistics of laboratory operations (e.g., scheduling, ordering, personnel management, safety guidelines)
  • Foundational and advanced knowledge of the fields of immunology and microbial pathogenesis
  • Capacity to properly design, conduct, interpret and present independent research experiments and projects
  • Ability to convey, in written form, scientific hypotheses, research proposals and findings as demonstrated through the successful completion of a written thesis


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