Salaries and benefits for the Orthopaedic Residency

House Officer Salaries 2022 - 2023

  • PGY1s: $61,141
  • PGY2s: $62,982
  • PGY3s: $64,996
  • PGY4s: $67,224
  • PGY5s: $69,391
  • PGY6s: $71,556

Benefits provided by Department of Orthopaedics

The following benefits are provided to limited medical staff (residents and fellows).

  • Three weeks paid vacation
  • One week professional leave with pay for attendance at a national or international conference
  • Reimbursement for attendance at above conference

Resident Travel

The Department of Orthopaedics recognizes the educational value of resident attendance at national conferences and courses. To this end, the department provides one week per year professional leave with pay for each resident. Limited funding is provided for residents to attend conferences and courses that will supplement their educational experience. Residents are permitted to attend the following conferences and courses:

  • PGY1: AO or OTA Trauma Course
  • PGY2: AANA Arthroscopy Course
  • PGY3: Akron Pediatric Review Course
  • PGY4: AAOS Annual Meeting
  • PGY5: Board Review Course

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Rotations and Curriculum

Rotations and Curriculum

The five-year categorical program includes a PGY1 year of rotations, which consist primarily of rotations in general surgery. The remaining four orthopaedic years consist of rotations in all subspecialty areas of orthopaedics. For an in-depth look at the curriculum download the core competency curriculum and the complete residency curriculum.

These areas include foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery, general orthopaedics, joint reconstruction, musculoskeletal oncology, orthopaedic trauma, pediatric orthopaedics, spine surgery and sports medicine.