Approved through the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) -- the accreditation board for medical colleges in the US and Canada -- this three-year medical school program culminates in the MD degree and offers a family medicine residency curriculum. Students who successfully graduate from the OSU-PCT will be offered acceptance into the Ohio State Family Medicine Residency Program.

The OSU-PCT offers clinical experiences early in the program, beginning prior to the first day of medical school classes. First-year students are assigned to a clinical site, which continues throughout the three years of medical school, allowing students to become an integral part of the healthcare team.

The core curricular objectives of the three-year program are identical to the college’s four-year tract -- the Lead. Serve. Inspire curriculum, which introduces hands-on experience early in the program through longitudinal, practice-based, clinical service. The Family Medicine Learning Community Plus is an additional longitudinal curricular experience that encompasses specialty topics such as physician wellness, reflective journaling, leadership, population management, collaborative team based care, preventive health, informatics, care planning and coordination.

In addition to the cost savings of a three-year versus a four-year program, the OSU-PCT offers financial support for paid tuition.

Program Benefits

  • An accelerated curriculum leading to the MD degree in 3 years.
  • Core curricular objectives that are identical to the college’s four-year track, the Lead.Serve.Inspire curriculum.
  • Tuition Scholarship, covering 50% of in-state tuition all three years.
  • Progression into the OSU Family Medicine Residency Program.
  • Completion of medical school and residency training in Family Medicine in 6 years.

Admissions Criteria

Students must demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence, social responsibility and a strong desire to enter into a career in Family Medicine. Only students who meet the following criteria will be considered for the program:

  1. Strong motivation to enter into Family Medicine.
  2. Maturity necessary to be successful in an accelerated three year program.
  3. An academic record predictive of success in an accelerated three-year program.

How to Apply

  1. First, designate The Ohio State University on the electronic AMCAS application, and select Regular MD as the application type.
  2. Next, contact us at for further instructions on specific steps to follow to apply to OSU-PCT.
  3. Please note that your application to the OSU-PCT program will not be complete until you have informed the College of Medicine of your interest in this program.
  4. Competitive applicants will be sent a secondary application. Your application to the OSU College of Medicine Primary Care Track is complete when your secondary application is received.
  5. Qualified applicants are invited for interviews, which take place from September to March.


  • Application for this program opens June 1 via the AAMC American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).
  • Selection is competitive with up to 4 seats currently available. Criteria for selection include demonstrated interest in family medicine and primary care through experiences, interests and/or understanding of the field. Applicants will complete an additional application that will give them an opportunity to discuss their interest and understanding of Family Medicine. Applicants should demonstrate academic credentials predictive of success in an accelerated, three year curriculum.
  • Applicants to The Ohio State University College of Medicine will not be permitted to apply to both the standard 4-year MD program AND the Primary Care Track; applicants may choose only one of these programs.


For more information on the Primary Care Track and directions on how to apply, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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