The purpose of the Advanced Competency in Research is to offer specialized learning opportunities in which students gain in-depth knowledge and experience to establish a level of competence in Research. Each student will develop advanced competency in research by engaging in a specific hypothesis-driven research project under the direct supervision of a current OSU faculty research mentor. The student is expected to have already developed foundational research skills while working on a summer or Med I/II part-time research project under the supervision of his/her research mentor. The student and faculty mentor should discuss and identify at least 1 primary and 1 secondary learning objective to be acquired during the AC in research over the period.


Each packet must be typed, no handwritten submissions other than signatures. Because each research project is unique, the objectives outlined in the packet can be tailored to your specific project using the rubric below.

Please contact the Program Manager before submitting an application, all applications must have prior approval before submitting.  All applications are due the first week of May. 

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Research Opportunities

As a medical student at Ohio State, you will have numerous opportunities to test your interest in biomedical research or contribute to studies conducted by some of the nation’s most respected research scientists. Many of our students perform research with the aid of scholarships and fellowships designed to support their research interests while pursuing a medical degree.