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Medical Education Teaching Handbook

Section 1: OSUCOM Student Non-Discrimination Policy

Section 2: Faculty Supervision of Medical Students

Section 3: Educational Objectives of the Medical Curriculum

Section 4: Student/Trainee Learning Environment

Section 5: FERPA -- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Section 6: Faculty Evaluation of and Feedback to Students

Section 7: Standards of Conduct in the Teacher-Learner Relationship and Abuses of this Relationship

  • A Climate of Mutual Respect
  • Student Mistreatment
  • Facilitating an Environment that Discourages Student/Trainee Abuse
  • Mechanisms for Handling Complaints of Student Mistreatment

Section 8: Romantic and Sexual Relationships/Sexual Harassment Policy

Section 9: Professionalism and Social Networking

Section 10: Student Health and Safety

  • Medical Student Access to Health Care
  • Medical Student Exposure to blood/body fluids
  • Medical Student Duty Hours
  • Suspected Student Substance Abuse

Section 11: Technical Standards

Section 12: Education Support and Teaching Resources​​

  • Education Administration
  • Office of Student Life
  • Office of Medical Education
  • Faculty Advancement, Mentoring, and Engagement (FAME)
  • Center for Education and Scholarship​​​​​​​​​