The Center for Clinical Research Management works in collaboration with the clinical care team to provide access to clinical trials and coordinate seamless care during the process.

The Center for Clinical Research Management is a consolidation of clinical and translational research related activities, services and offices under a single unifying umbrella that includes the Clinical Trials Management Organization (CTMO) and the Clinical Research Center (CRC).

The CCRM’s unified infrastructure assists in strengthening research partnerships among the many stakeholders working within the College of Medicine, the Wexner Medical Center and the larger university, providing an expanded and more readily recognizable base to better serve investigators, research staff and department leaders. 

Strategically aligning clinical and translational research resources and the expertise of clinical research personnel with the needs of investigators will continue to be a focus for process improvement efforts and achieving successful programmatic research management.  

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CCRM's Involvement and Support in FY2021

1,608 total studies

249 principal investigators

66 departments, divisions & centers

78 disease groupings

CCRM Services

CCRM Services

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œThe CCRM celebrates another excellent fiscal year and the hard work of its team.
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