The Center for Clinical Research Management (CCRM) Finance team acts as a centralized resource for the financial management of clinical trials by offering a variety of support services that help primary investigators and their teams.

The Finance team is responsible for:

  • Creating comprehensive internal budget
  • Negotiating Sponsor budget
  • Ensuring research account set-up for billing compliance
  • Reviewing all protocol amendments for budget changes
  • Ordering patient stipends, research supplies, and requests payment of research invoices
  • Quarterly invoicing of study activity
  • Creating quarterly fiscal reports for research groups
  • Initiating transfer of research funds to CTMO and Department accounts
  • Completing full financial review
  • Creating final invoice for sponsor
  • Ensuring all payments have been received prior to study close-out on the Pl Portal
  • Initiating and monitoring CDA execution between Tech Licensing & Sponsor

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