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Advisory Board

The OSU-GCGP has a thirteen member Curriculum Development and Assessment Committee (CDAC). The CDAC’s overarching responsibility is to assist in the development and ongoing assessment of the OSU-GCGP’s curriculum. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum is in line with the Graduate Program’s mission and with the ACGC accreditation standards for the genetic counseling program. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of an ability-based curriculum map, that documents and assesses appropriate learning of ability-based outcomes and the curriculum sequence to develop critical thinking skills.
  • Description of learning objectives and competencies to be achieved in didactic, problem-based, and clinical/laboratory/advocacy placements.
  • Establishment of objective measures and assessment tools for evaluating students, both academically and clinically.
  • Development of an ongoing system utilizing internal and external validations to review and subsequently enhance the effectiveness of the curriculum.

Members of the committee are appointed by the Director. Representation on the committee encompasses experience in medical genetics, teaching, clinical supervision, and other related subjects. In addition, the overall expertise of the committee represents a cross-section of the genetic counseling profession, advocacy community, and the student/alumni population.

The current Advisory board is comprised of the following individuals.

  • Dawn Allain, MS, CGC
  • Leigha Senter-Jamieson, MS, CGC
  • Judith Westman, MD
  • Kandamurugu Manickam, MD
  • Robert Pilarski, MS, CGC, MSW, LSW
  • Katie Ziegler, MS, CGC
  • Matthew Pastore, MS, CGC 
  • Alexandra Ilacqua, MS, LGC
  • Janet Williams, M.S.,CGC
  • Marge Barnheiser, AAS
  • Elizabeth Jordan, MS, CGC
  • Maria Alfaro, PhD, FACMG
  • Quinn Phillip Stein, MS
  • Neha Kumar, MS, CGC​