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Honors Opportunities

Biomedical Sciences students have the opportunity to graduate with up to three different honors.

1) Latin Honors is based exclusively on the cumulative GPA at the end of the penultimate semester.

           Cum Laude = 3.50-3.69
           Magna Cum Laude = 3.70-3.89
           Summa Cum Laude = 3.9 and higher

2) Graduation with Research Distinction is for those who complete a senior thesis.

3) Graduation with Honors in Health and Rehabilitation Science is for those who complete the honors plan and have at least a 3.4 cumulative GPA.

Students should refer to the Honors Opportunities webpage for the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences for more details about completing a thesis and doing the honors plan.


Helpful Hints for submitting a proposal for an honors thesis:

1.  Submit your proposal early so you are eligible for funding (winter of Junior year). 

2.  Follow the instructions

3.  Have your lab mentor review your proposal prior to submission.  Allow time to edit the proposal based on his/her feedback.  If your mentor is unable to assist you, ask Dr. Gunn for feedback.


Reasons for doing a senior thesis

 1.  You've put a great deal of time and effort into your reseach experience, and a thesis is a tangible result of this work.

2.  It will likely be the more independent research experience you will have had.  It will make you understand research on a whole new level.

3. Everyone knows research is required in BMS; the experience alone does not stand out. The thesis demonstrates your commitment to doing more than the minimum requirement.

4.  If you are applying to graduate/professional school during your senior year, the thesis is a great talking point for your interviews, as well as a reason to send updates to schools.  Everyone respects the work that goes into a thesis.

5. The workload in graduate and professional school is significantly more challenging than undergraduate.  Doing a thesis while taking classes and pursuing your extracurricular activities (as well as interviewing!) will require excellent time managment, a skill that will make the transition to the next level a little easier.