Current students in the Biomedical Science Undergraduate Major can find helpful information about honors opportunities, academic advising and minors available at Ohio State. It is always important to meet with your academic advisor, faculty member, or principle investigator about specific questions and concerns. For any questions, contact Steven Mousetes at

Academic Advising

The academic advisor for the Biomedical Science major is Steven Mousetes. He can be reached by telephone at 614-247-8060, through email at or in person in his office located in 1080 Graves Hall. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment to meet with Mr. Mousetes, as needed.

Academic advising typically includes meeting with an advisor at least once per semester. Biomedical Science freshmen and seniors are required to meet with Mr. Mousetes during autumn semester; sophomores and juniors meet during spring semester. Students who earn a cumulative grade point average below a 3.5 may be required to participate in extra advising sessions. Topics addressed in advising appointments include: progress towards degree, competitiveness for graduate/professional school, preparation for graduate/professional school applications and non-academic concerns.

Ohio State's twelve defined academic advising student learning outcomes are as follows:

  1. Asks for advising help/actively seeks out relevant information
  2. Collaborates with advisor by scheduling, preparing for, attending, and following up on appointments, ongoing degree planning, and other university business
  3. Formulates and revises degree plans and selects appropriate courses based on academic goals
  4. Uses university tools—Buckeye Link, the Degree Audit and Transfer Credit Report, Advising Report, etc.—to seek answers to academic questions and assess academic progress
  5. Takes increasing responsibility for own academic career and plans
  6. Understands the value of academic enrichment and co-curricular opportunities
  7. Understands university policies and procedures
  8. Understands the curricular requirements for her/his degree program
  9. Understands the connection between completing a degree and advancing personal development
  10. Knows about university support services and uses them when needed
  11. Values the process of academic planning and course selection as a means toward realizing academic goals
  12. Understands and appreciates the role of the breadth component of the degree


Students enrolled in the Biomedical Science major are encouraged to pursue a minor. Minors available at Ohio State are numerous and diverse. Students are encouraged to consider a minor outside the sciences to diversify their coursework and experiences.

Selecting from the available minors can be challenging. Students often select a minor for one of two reasons. Students may wish to add depth to their undergraduate experiences. Minors like Forensic Science and Neuroscience may provide additional depth to the coursework required by the Biomedical Science major. Students may also consider adding breadth to their undergraduate experiences. Minors like Spanish, Theatre, or History may provide students with the opportunity to complete coursework different than the required natural science and research courses for the Biomedical Science major.

Talk with your academic advisor about other minors well-suited for your career goals.