• To be eligible to apply for autumn 2024 admission to the Biomedical Science major, applicants must be current high school seniors. Additionally, applicants must apply as an incoming freshman for autumn 2024 admission to the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University.

  • The Biomedical Science major is not open to transfer students from other colleges/universities or current Ohio State undergraduate students.

Application Process

Apply via the Common Application for freshman admission to the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University by November 1, 2023 (early application deadline).

  • On the Common Application, the Biomedical Science major is not listed. Therefore, you need to select the major you intend to pursue if not admitted to the Biomedical Science major.

  • On the Common Application, you are strongly encouraged to apply to the University Honors Program, Ohio State Scholars Program, and/or Morrill Scholars Program.

Submit the online Biomedical Science Major Application by November 15, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST. To begin the application, you must have your Ohio State Username (Name.#). You will receive this via email after submitting your Common Application for freshman admission to Ohio State.

  • The first part of the Biomedical Science Major Application asks for your basic personal/contact information (e.g., name, address, phone, email, etc.). The second part of the application consists of seven essay questions.

  • You should complete your essays using a word processing program, then copy and paste your essays in the appropriate boxes in the online application. There is a maximum of 2,045 characters (approximately 300 words) permitted for each essay. Responses are required for all items.

Essay Questions

  1. Why are you interested in the Biomedical Science major? What are your career goals?

  2. State any experience(s) you have had with scientific research (e.g., science fair, Science Olympiad, lab-focused course, etc.). In which area of medical research would you most like to participate and why?

  3. The goal of the Biomedical Science admissions committee is to assemble a cohort of students with a variety of perspectives and life experiences. What unique perspectives and experiences would you bring to the 2024 freshman cohort?

  4. Reflect on a significant leadership experience from your high school years. Describe the challenges you faced, the actions you took to lead, and the impact you made.

  5. What is the one co-curricular activity you absolutely want to do in college and why?

  6. Tell us what contact, if any, you have had with a representative from the Biomedical Science major (e.g., participated in an information session, met with a current student or alum, etc.).

  7. Share something else about yourself that was not addressed in this application or your Common Application.

Review/Notification Process

  • The Biomedical Science admissions committee has access to all the materials submitted to Undergraduate Admissions at Ohio State. The committee reviews those materials in conjunction with the essay responses from the Biomedical Science Major Application.

  • Students will be notified via email about their standing in the Biomedical Science admission review process by mid-January 2024. Those selected to advance in the admission process will be invited to participate in a virtual interview in February 2024.

  • Note that being offered admission to Ohio State does not guarantee admission to the Biomedical Science major. Students who are admitted to Ohio State but not admitted to the Biomedical Science major still have valid admission to Ohio State.


  • For questions about applying for freshman admission via the Common Application to Ohio State, contact Undergraduate Admissions or call 614-292-3980.

  • For questions about applying to the Biomedical Science major, contact Steven Mousetes (Program Manager, Biomedical Science Major) or call 614-247-8060.