Why isn't the Biomedical Science major listed on the Common Application for Ohio State?

There is a separate application process for admission to this major; therefore, you will not find the major listed on the Common Application. When applying to Ohio State, choose another major that interests you. If you apply to the Biomedical Science major and are accepted, your major will be changed to Biomedical Science once you accept your spot in the program.

What are you looking for in applicants?

Students who have a strong interest in learning about and participating in biomedical research. Students who enjoy a challenge and want to learn with other high ability students. Students who will be active participants in class. Students who have excellent grades and standardized test scores. Students who have demonstrated a love of science by participating in science fairs, summer science programs, research projects, etc. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in groups is a necessity for our students.

How can I make my application most attractive?

Let us see who you are! Give honest and thoughtful responses to the short answer questions; do not just tell us what you think we want to hear (which will make your answers sound generic). While it is normal to have parents and other adults review your responses, make sure they are your responses. Don't apply at the last minute; give yourself time to develop thoughtful responses.

My high school doesn't offer AP classes; will I be at a disadvantage for admission?

No. When reviewing your transcript, we research what the curriculum is at your high school, and we want to see that you took the most challenging curriculum that was offered to you.

What types of test scores and GPAs do students who are admitted to the major typically have?

Our average ACT is 34; our average SAT is 1500 (evidence-based reading & writing and math). We “unweight” GPAs and recalculate them on a 4.0 scale; the average GPA for admitted students is 3.9. Keep in mind that these are averages - some students are higher, some are lower. Test scores and GPAs are just two of many factors that we consider when reviewing applications. The interview is by far the most important factor we use.

As a current Ohio State student, how can I change my major to Biomedical Science?

Students are only admitted into the major as incoming freshmen. They begin taking major coursework as a cohort and continue following a lockstep curriculum for four years (eight semesters). We do not have a pathway for students to transfer into the major.

Do students in the Biomedical Science Major have any advantage when applying to Ohio State's Medical School?

Yes and no. When applying to Ohio State Medical School, students do not receive any type of "bonus points" or special consideration just because of the major. However, if students take full advantage of the opportunities in this program, we believe they will be attractive to not only the medical school at Ohio State but medical schools nationwide (not to mention graduate research programs, dental schools, optometry schools, etc.). The opportunity to engage in research and present your findings, to participate in physician shadowing programs, and to enhance your communication skills through coursework and outside activities all combine to make you a stronger applicant to medical schools. The most important part of any medical school application is your grade point average and standardized test scores, and only you can control those.

Is this major more challenging than other majors at Ohio State?

The Biomedical Science coursework is challenging but at a level appropriate for high-ability college students who want to pursue a career in healthcare. While we expect students in the major to take their studies seriously, we also hope they will engage in activities outside of this major, such as intramural sports, student government, a student organization, etc.

How are students assigned to a research lab?

There is a list of faculty who are interested in having a Biomedical Science student in their labs. When students are ready to start in a lab, they begin by reviewing this list with their academic advisor and discussing what they want in a research lab. Students leave this meeting with the names of 3-4 labs that appeal to them and begin contacting the professors to make arrangements to spend some time in the lab. Students are encouraged to visit a variety of labs before deciding on one.

On the Scheduling Plan, it only lists research during the Junior year. Can students do more than one year of research?

Absolutely! All students will be highly encouraged to continue their research through their senior year. It will also be possible for students to start their research as early as their freshman year, provided they are doing well in their coursework. Each year, approximately 50% of the students are in a lab by the end of their freshman year. All students are in labs by the beginning of their sophomore year.

What is the deadline for a high school senior to apply for freshman admission to Biomedical Science?

High school seniors need to submit their Common Application to Ohio State by November 1 (early action deadline) and their Biomedical Science Major Application by November 15.