How to be a Competitive Applicant

For autumn 2024, the goal is to enroll 26 freshmen in the Biomedical Science major. Enrollment in this major is limited and competitive. (For autumn 2023, there were 176 applications submitted.)

Have strong metrics:

The average ACT of the freshmen enrolled in the Biomedical Science major for autumn 2023 is 34 (the range is 29 to 36). The corresponding SAT is 1500 (evidence-based reading & writing and math). The average high school class rank is 96.9 (top 3.1%).

Grades and standardized test scores are important indicators of success in the Biomedical Science major. However, other factors are carefully considered. These other factors include work experience; co-curricular involvement; and interest in medicine, science, and research. Competitive applicants are interviewed before a final admission decision is made. 

Show who you are:

Use the essays on the Biomedical Science Major Application to let the admissions committee know who you are, what is important to you, and what is unique about you. Do not write just what you think the committee wants to read; let them see your personality. This will make for a more interesting and compelling application. Note that the word limit for each essay is 2,045 characters (approximately 300 words).

Have an effective list of activities:

The admissions committee reviews all of the materials submitted to Undergraduate Admissions at Ohio State. The "Activities" section of the Common Application shows the admissions committee how you spend your time outside of the classroom. In addition to listing and defining your co-curricular activities, you indicate the time committed to each activity. Focus on activities that are of the most importance to you and/or require the most time. Be sure to include paid employment.

Know the major; know yourself:

Before beginning the Biomedical Science Major Application, do your homework on the major. Conduct a careful review of the website. Think about why you want to be in the Biomedical Science major, as well as why you want to be a student at Ohio State. The better you understand the major and yourself, the better you can complete the essay questions. 

Summation of attributes of successful applicants:

  • Have strong metrics (e.g., ACT/SAT, GPA, class rank, etc.)
  • Take full advantage of academic opportunities (e.g., AP, IB, PSEO, etc.)
  • Demonstrate dedicated, sustained extracurricular involvement (e.g., clubs/organizations, varsity sports, work, etc.)
  • Understand the goals of the Biomedical Science major
  • Exposure to research
  • Are proactive, independent, and mature