The undergraduate minor in anatomy offers students the opportunity to study one or more of the sub-disciplines of human anatomy, which may be of direct benefit to their major field of study and provide an added dimension to their scholarly training. Students who complete a minor in anatomy will have this achievement recognized on their university transcript.

Why get a minor in human anatomy?

An undergraduate minor in anatomy may benefit any student whose interest involves human form and function. The minor may be of particular interest to students in engineering, computer modeling, physical anthropology, art, exercise science, or other biological/health sciences.

Curriculum for the Human Anatomy Minor: HUMANA-MN

The human anatomy minor will provide students with an opportunity to develop a well-rounded appreciation of human anatomical knowledge in its four subdisciplines of gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology, and embryology, applicable across all healthcare professions. The minor consists of a minimum of 14 credit hours.

Required Courses (2 courses; 8-9 Credit Hours)

ONE (1) of the following TWO (2) courses:

  • ANATOMY 2300 Human Anatomy (4 CH)
  • ANATOMY 3300.xx Advanced Human Anatomy (5 CH)
  • ANATOMY 4300 Human Anatomy with Dissection (4 CH)

Electives (2-4 courses; 5-6 Credit Hours)

The remaining credit hours may be chosen from the following courses:

  • NEUROSC 3050 Structure and Function of the Nervous System (3 CH)
  • ANATOMY 3050 Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Laboratory (2 CH)
  • ANATOMY 4200 Human Anatomy Biomechanics (2 CH)
  • ANATOMY 4600 Human Embryonic Development and Birth Defects (2 CH)
  • ANATOMY 4700 Undergraduate Histology (4 CH)
  • ANATOMY 5300 Learning Human Anatomy through Dissection (2 CH) (Summer only; application required)
  • ANATOMY 5440 Advanced Regional Dissection for Undergraduate Students (2 CH) (Permission of instructor and application required.) (Note: Although Anatomy 5440 is repeatable to a maximum of 6 credit hours, a maximum of 2 CH of Anatomy 5440 can apply to the minor.)
  • ANATOMY 5999 Research in Anatomy (2 CH) (Permission of instructor to enroll) (Note: Although Anatomy 5999 has a maximum of 4 credit hours, a maximum of 2 CH of Anatomy 5999 can apply to the minor.)

 For more information click for an Anatomy Minor Advising Sheet and the Anatomy UG Minor Program Form.