Melissa Quinn, PhD

Director of Outreach and Community Programming

I have been involved with the Division’s outreach programming since I was a graduate student in 2011 and now as the Director. Since then, I have been able to work with some amazing humans who have helped to make the program what it is today. One of my focuses in education is expanding the accessibility of anatomical education to different populations. It is extremely rewarding to work with those in the community to enrich their base knowledge of anatomy and not make it “gross” or “scary.” Outreach is one of my favorite parts of what I do here at OSU.

Tyler Redway, MS

Graduate Student Outreach Coordinator, Senior

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Division of Anatomy and I've been an outreach coordinator since 2019. The opportunity to work with students and to share my passion for human anatomy has been one of the greatest highlights of my graduate school career, and it allows me to create an experience that is not only educational and interesting but also applicable and worth the trip to OSU. I hope to continue giving back to the community throughout my career as an anatomy educator.

Pilard Hanna, MS

Graduate Student Outreach Coordinator

I am a 2nd year anatomy Ph.D. student who has always been interested in serving underprivileged communities in the United States and abroad. The Anatomy Outreach Program at OSU provided me with the opportunity to combine my passions in teaching anatomy and serving others. Outreach has allowed me to share the knowledge I’ve gained, give back to the community, and empower students and different community groups to know more about their bodies and health. I have been involved in various anatomy outreach programs within OSU, UCLA and USC.

Anatomy Outreach Team (AOT)

The Anatomy Outreach Team is the backbone of our program; without these dedicated volunteers we would not be able to host nearly as many schools each year. Members consist of anatomy graduate students, medical and dental students, and even undergraduate students who all share a love and passion for anatomy education. AOT members look forward to answering questions and sharing their experiences in hopes of connecting with our participants and making this experience one they never forget.

Testimonials from our facilitators

"The AOT has been my favorite form of education outreach thus far in medical school! It's so energizing to see kids light up with excitement over the little things. The AOT lets you to give back with all you've learned, and informally share advice to growing learners as they navigate both school and life. Our love for anatomy is the link between self-directed learning and creating meaningful moments for students to carry with them on their future paths."
- Jodie Makara, MD Candidate, Class of 2023

“Joining the Anatomy Outreach Program is one of the best things I did throughout my undergraduate career and is something that I look forward to getting to further participate throughout my graduate program. The AOT allowed me the experience to not only help inspire high school and college students to fall in love with anatomy such as I have but helped me develop and network more than I could have ever imagined."
- Kaylee Travis, 4th year Undergraduate student

“The Anatomy Outreach program allowed me to interact with a wide variety of students from high school to university. I really enjoyed talking with students and introducing them to their first anatomy cadaver lab in a non-stressful setting.”
- Hwoi Min Oh, 1st year Anatomy PhD program

“The dedication and determination to not only teach, but also to inspire future students was my reason to join the team and is why I plan to stay on. I cannot wait to continue to be apart of this program for the next few years!”
- Andrew Cheline, College of Dentistry, Class of 2025