Our educational opportunities

We appreciate your interest in anatomy programs at The Ohio State University. The Division of Anatomy is a leading center for education and training in anatomy that serves more than 2,500 students each year. Our inspiring faculty is dedicated to supporting our students’ endeavors in addition to conducting research that could change the future of science. After graduation, anatomy students have plenty of available opportunities including the continuation of higher learning and the pursuit of many different career opportunities. Anatomy has new, state-of-the-art lab space. Please watch this YouTube video for exciting information.

QR code fro conferenceBelow, we have included some basic information about our graduate degrees or you can scan the QR code to view the PDF on your mobile device. If you’re interested in learning more about our other educational opportunities, such as a graduate minor in anatomy and undergraduate anatomy courses, there are separate pages located on the left. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

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Graduate degrees in anatomy

The Division of Anatomy offers both a master’s and doctorate degree in anatomy. A master’s degree (MS) requires 30 graduate credit hours (usually completed in 2 years) and the doctorate degree requires 80 graduate credit hours (usually completed in 4-5 years). Students pursuing a master’s degree in anatomy can follow one of two tracks, thesis or non-thesis, in order to meet their requirements. One major difference separates the two tracks: The thesis track requires a research project while the non-thesis track utilizes a comprehensive exam. The doctorate degree requires a dissertation.
For a graduate degree, a student takes required courses in all subdisciplines of anatomy in addition to seminars. The student also takes advanced classes in their field of specialty such as anatomy, other basic medical sciences, and other areas of interest to the student. Doctoral students take additional courses in anatomy and in their electives.

How to apply

To apply for a graduate program in anatomy, you must submit your online application through the Graduate Admissions Office.
Your application should include a 1-2 page personal statement of who you are, why you want to get a degree in anatomy at Ohio State and what your short- and long-term plans are. GRE scores and college transcripts from all of the colleges you have attended should be sent directly to Ohio State’s Graduate Admissions Office. Along with that, three letters of reference from faculty members who can tell of your potential as a graduate student are also required.

Ohio State grants

Please be advised, however, that most of our first-year students are self-supported as we are unable to offer financial aid to first-year students. Grants and fellowships may be available through the graduate school. Students who do not receive grants or fellowships make their own arrangements to pay their tuition, fees, and living expenses.