Innovations in plastic surgery research

The Ohio State University's Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery research in encompasses active clinical, translational and basic science projects. These include research in neuroplastics, nerve injury, regenerative medicine, military medicine, lymphedema, migraine, body contouring, breast reconstruction, wound healing and hemangioma formation and treatment. As part of a world-class research institution, the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is taking a comprehensive and collaborative approach to making breakthroughs in modern medicine.

Our program is funded from private industry as well as public sources such as the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Defense. 

At Ohio State, our plastic and reconstructive surgery faculty and students, residents and fellows are highly involved in ongoing research working together to expand the possibilities and practices of the field. 

As part of The Ohio State University College of Medicine’s Office of Research, our program is connected with professionals across the organization involved in all aspects of the research process with support in areas such as grand writing, research compliance, research strategy and safety.

Interested in a research experience with plastic and reconstructive surgery?

Our faculty investigators are consistently searching for medical students, fellows and residents to support research in our department. If you’re interested in being a part of our clinical research team or getting hands-on experience in our labs, complete the plastic and reconstructive surgery research intake form. We’ll follow up with you on any opportunities that are available and upcoming.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research Intake Form

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Labs

Moore Lab

Barker Lab (Nationwide Children's Hospital)

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research Newsletter

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research Newsletter

Keep up with the latest conferences, deadlines for abstracts, grants, research resources and highlights through the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery's quarterly newsletter.