Hear from Our Residents

Joseph Drews, MD, MS

Joseph Drews, MD, MS, explains what’s so valuable about the Professional Development and Research Training Program (RTP) in The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Department of Surgery.

Anahita Jalilvand, MD

Anahita Jalilvand, MD, describes how she found part of her identity as an academic surgeon through the Professional Development and Research Training Program (RTP) in The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Department of Surgery.

Comments from Our Residents

“I believe that a research-focused curriculum as a surgical trainee provides invaluable protected time to develop the tools necessary for meaningful scientific contribution. It becomes difficult as a surgeon, without this time, to develop the necessary skill set to participate in basic science or translational research due to the demands required of an early clinical practice.”

“My own experience in the research training program has altered the course of my career for the better. I now plan on staying in academic surgery with a research focus on vascular biology in our obese diabetic population. I believe that surgeons are uniquely poised in translational research due to access to human tissue samples, a unique clinical thought process and treatment-focused applications.”

“I believe that the research experience I gained at OSU has made me a better doctor regardless of my future surgical career direction. It has challenged the way I view disease processes and will greatly influence my patient care decisions.”

“One of the things I most enjoyed about the signature curriculum was the close interaction with the PhD graduate students. The collegial learning environment allowed fantastic cross-discipline collaborations and a unique perspective for both groups. Science in the modern era is best served when both subsets of researchers intimately work together, and such early exposures create relationships that can continue across careers.”

“Finally, my experience in the research training program matured my clinical thought process and gave me a greater understanding of clinical and basic research papers. I am by far a better physician because of this opportunity.”

“My training in the research training program has allowed me to both enjoy research more as well as be more comfortable with conducting, discussing and evaluating research. My work in this program has made me appreciate that research must be part of a physician's practice in academics and private practice. My participation in this program has influenced me to pursue a career in academic surgery.”

“My work over the two years in research training program has prepared me for both clinical research and collaborations with basic science researchers to create truly translation research. The program has improved the patient care and education aspects of my career. My practice will be more research-based, but critical of the research as well, and my teaching will be research-based and on how to use research in patient care.”