Ohio State College of Medicine Application Timeline

June 1: Applications open to be submitted to American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)

Nov. 15 (12 a.m. EST): Deadline for all applications and transcripts to be received by AMCAS

Dec. 31 (12 a.m. EST): Deadline for receipt of secondary application

September - March: Ohio State interviews

Look up the status of your application: Applicants may view the status of their application anytime via their status page.


MCAT Deadline

Scores will be accepted from tests three years prior to application. For the class entering medical school in 2021, scores will be accepted from tests taken in January 2017 through September 2020

MCAT Updates for 2021 cycle - We will accept applications from individuals who have been unable to take the MCAT due to COVID-19.  For these candidates, we will base application decisions on the information that is available to us at the time of the application.  However, a valid MCAT score is required for admission decisions at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.  For the 2021 application cycle, a valid minimum MCAT score is not required to receive a Secondary application so long as there is evidence within the application (i.e. intended MCAT date) that a student intends to take the MCAT.  All applicants planning to take the MCAT should list an MCAT Intended Date in the AMCAS application.  Applicants should not delay applying because an MCAT score is not yet available.

Financial Aid Deadlines

Medical students who are interested in taking federal students loans need to start by filing the FAFSA. The medical school shares a federal Department of Education code with the main university. Financial Aid Awards are processed through the central Financial Aid Office. Medical students are considered part of the Graduate/Professional student population and will follow the policies, procedures, and timeline for this cohort.

Students who wish to be considered for scholarships available through the university should complete the general university scholarship application. These scholarship opportunities are open to continuing students as well as newly admitted students. The scholarship application opens early in the spring semester each year. Students are encouraged to pay close attention to announcements that go out concerning deadlines for scholarship applications.

For rising Med 2s, 3s, and 4s the College of Medicine Scholarship Application is available during the spring semester through Vitals. This application process is open to current students in the MD program only. Newly admitted incoming 1st year students are considered for scholarship separately and should not complete the survey for continuing students' scholarships.

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