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Obtaining IHIS Access for Research

The College of Medicine Office of Research in collaboration with The Ohio State University Health System has developed a defined process for granting access to the electronic health record, IHIS (Integrated Healthcare Information System), for research purposes. This process creates uniformity in the approval of access to protected health information (PHI) for research purposes and promotes compliance with regulations and institutional policies.

Overview of Approval Process

The Health Information System Access Review Committee (HISARC) is responsible for the review and approval of IHIS access for research purposes.

Approval Process for Research Access 
How to Request IHIS Access for Research Purposes (in​dividuals associated with OSU)

Items needed before submission of request:

  • Background check and date completed
  • Drug screening and date completed
  • Vaccinations and date completed (if interacting with human subjects)
  • Date HIPAA computer based learning (CBL) completed
  • MedCenter Logon ID for person needing access
  • Supervisor/Manager name/MedCenter Logon ID
  • Cost center and fund
  • IRB protocol information:
    • Added as key personnel or sub-investigator
      • Requires completion of CITI training
      • Requires completion of annual Conflicts of Interest disclosure (eCOI)
    • OSU IRB protocol number
    • PI name/MedCenter Logon ID
    • Whether written HIPAA authorization is used
    • Information on HIPAA waiver for written authorization (full, partial, none)
  • IHIS training will need to be completed before access is granted; however, we recommend submitting the request for access prior to completion of training​.

Research access levels for IHIS:

HISARC is charged with determining the minimum access necessary to complete the research.  There are several access levels that can be granted for research purposes:
  • Inbasket only: users can only view charts that are sent to them via IHIS inbasket (similar to email). This is typically used for monitors/auditors or users who are only looking at a defined subset of patients.
  • Read/view only: users can see all charts in the system but cannot edit the chart contents. This is appropriate for researches looking at a broader range of patients, working on multiple research protocols, or screening patients under a partial HIPAA waiver.
  • Full access: users can see all charts in the system and can document within the record.  This is useful for researchers who wish to record research related activities, such as the consent process or research notes, or pending orders to a licensed provider, such as an order for research samples.
  • Researchers can also request the ability to schedule patients for research visits or access billing for research purposes.

 Helpful tips and links:

  • ​If the request is for an internal transfer from another research role or new to research but previously worked at OSUWMC in another capacity, access to the system will still need to be requested in eServices. These requests go through the traditional provisioning process for research access.
  • Contact the IHIS Research Training team (ihisresearchtraining@osumc.edu, 614-688-6663 or 614-366-4777) to schedule appropriate training
  • Supervisor/Manager information should be an individual involved in research or a PI
  • You can request to model access on another user.  However, requests are not guaranteed, as requests are reviewed for minimum necessary access.
  • For background checks: contact departmental HR representative to schedule with ID Processing
  • For drug screens and vaccinations: contact departmental HR representative to schedule appointment with University Health Services
  • HIPAA CBL should be completed through BuckeyeLearn (http://go.osu.edu/buckeyelearn)
  • Information regarding required CITI training can be found on the Office of Responsible Research Practices (ORRP) website (http://orrp.osu.edu/irb/training-requirements/)
  • Information about eCOI can be found at the Office of Research Compliance website (http://orc.osu.edu/regulations-policies/coi/ecoi/​)


​Step-by-step instructions f​or submitting the eServices request:

How to Request IHIS Access for Research Monitors (individuals not associated with OSU)

  • You will need to gather information from the research monitor and create an OSU identity through my.osu.edu.  Please follow the instructions available at https://my.osu.edu/user/medCenterGuestProcessDoc​ ​(OSU log-in required).
  • You will then use eServices to request access for the monitor using the new OSU identity. Step-by-step instructions are available here How to Request IHIS access for monitors February 2017.pdf​
  • Please note that guest accounts and IHIS access expire one year after creation. You can extend their account through my.osu.edu and IHIS access by submitting a new eServices request.
  • Approval can take 2-4 weeks, so please plan accordingly.  
  • If access is needed for an FDA inspector, please contact the OSUWMC Privacy Office at (614) 293-4477.

Additional information: