Leaders and Administration

Timothy R. Huerta
Chief Research Information Officer

Colin Odden
Deputy Chief Research Information Officer

Kirsten Gibbons
Department Administrator

Sarah Campbell
Executive Administrative Associate

Data Core

Colin Odden
Interim Manager

Prasanna Dandamudi
BMI Data Analyst

Lakshmi Gupta
Senior Business Systems Analyst

Data Science and Engineering (DSE) Core

Colin Odden
Interim Manager

Rachel Chase
Senior Data Science Analyst

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Core

Heather Lansky
Associate Director - Electronic Data Capture

Lindsay Breslin
Apps Development Analyst

Jess Hale
Senior Apps Development Analyst

Jason Lones
Apps Development Consultant

Kristin Page
Supply Systems Analyst

Laura Sullivan
Applications Developer

Governance Core

Colin Odden
Director and Deputy CRIO

Curtis Walker
Data Governance Senior Analyst

Research Infrastructure Development and Engineering (RIDE) Core

Matt Bailey
Associate Director – Research Infrastructure Development and Engineering

Josh Boles
Senior Research Applications Development Analyst

Gabrielle Dowdy
Research Systems Project Management Analyst

Kyle Kerslake

Research Applications Development Analyst

Johnnie Kimble
Senior Project Analyst

Marcy Mays
Research Systems Senior Analyst

Kurt Mueller
Senior Web Developer

Alex Hughes
Senior Project Analyst

Suheda (Fatma) Kural
Systems Engineer

Research Informatics Software Engineering (RISE) Core

Puneet Mathur
Associate Director – Research Informatics Software Engineering

Wei-Chao (Henry) Chuang
Senior Software Engineer

Diwen Hu
Software Engineer

John Strickler
Senior Software Engineer

Manoj Kumar Swasaka
Software Engineer

Madhumida Sanjeeviraj
Software Engineer

John Thompson
Senior Software Engineer

Research User Experience and Design (RUED) Core

Robert Strouse
Director – Digital User Experience

Lauren Phelps
Health Information Program Manager

Yiting Wang
User Experience Specialist

Marie-Josee Huard
Senior User Experience Designer

Maya Jenkins
Senior User Experience Designer