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Space is one of our most important assets and institutional priorities must be considered in space allocation. Space is allocated centrally from the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences to all of The Ohio State University Medical Center units. Space allocations are reviewed periodically and the review will be evaluated on compliance with performance-based metrics for the effective cost and programmatic use of space.

Space Committee Meeting Information

All of Ohio State’s Medical Center space is assigned to units by the senior vice president for Health Sciences upon the advisement of the associate vice president for Health Sciences/Space and Facility Planning, associate vice president for Health Sciences, vice dean for Research, Research Council, with implementation by the Health Sciences Space and Facilities Management Committee (HSSFMC).

Space Review Form and Information

If your unit would like to request space, please complete the Space Request form (log-in required).

If assistance is needed please contact Facilities & Materiel Management – Planning Services (614-293-0518) prior to submitting a space request. If you are a faculty member in the College of Medicine, you may also contact Aditi Bhatiya, (614) 688-9301, at Ohio State’s College of Medicine Office of Research for assistance. ​