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Graduate Studies

The Division of Anatomy at The Ohio State University offers graduate studies in anatomy leading to the MS and PhD degrees.

Master of Science

There are two master's degree plans: thesis and non-thesis. Students may pursue either plan, subject to the rules of the Graduate Studies Committee. Students may wait until the completion of the first year of study to decide if they will pursue the thesis or non-thesis master's program. Students enrolled in both professional school and graduate school must pursue the thesis plan.

The MS in Anatomy would be appropriate for students who want a graduate degree in anatomy to fulfill a professional need, e.g., physical or occupational therapists, etc. The MS may also be helpful to those students who are undecided about a career in the health professions and want to improve their background knowledge in order to make a more informed decision.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Anatomy gives students the opportunity to achieve a high level of scholarly competence and to develop the capacity to contribute to knowledge in the anatomical sciences. During the course of study, the student has the option to specialize in one or more of the subdisciplines of anatomy. The option is always available to engage in subspecialties outside the department, subject to approval by the Graduate Studies Committee.

The PhD prepares the student for a career in academics, governmental or industrial research, science education, and service in planning and regulatory agencies.

Graduate Minor in Anatomy​​

The minor in anatomy is available for current OSU graduate students pursuing master's or doctorate in areas that are related to anatomical sciences. To apply for this program, students must contact the program and meet with the chair of graduate studies.