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Better Together: Creating a Highly Engaging Online Class - Read this engaging article about BMI 7810!

​The Office of Distance Education and Learning (ODEE) wrote an article about the design of our online course BMI 7810, taught by our very own Dr. Kimerly Powell. Follow the link below to learn more: https://odee.osu.edu/news/2018/09/25/better-toget ...[Read More]
Published: Oct-15-18
Tags: Research

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Parvin for his publication in the American Journal of Human Genetics!

​Dr. Parvin's article, A Multiplex Homology-Directed DNA Repair Assay Reveals the Impact of More Than 1,000 BRCA1 Missense Substitution Variants on Protein Function, has been published in the AJHG. To read the final version, you may follow this link ...[Read More]
Published: Oct-05-18
Tags: Research

BMI Office Hours - Access to Research Data – i2b2 and IHIS/IW data

​BMI Office Hours - Access to Research Data – i2b2 and IHIS/IW data -  Data Core within the Dept. of Biomedical Informatics can assist you in your Research Data needs and our analysts are available to provide their expertise on any questions r ...[Read More]
Published: Sep-28-18
Tags: Events

OSU to host the first annual Florence Nightingale Day on October 27th

​The American Statistical Association (ASA) and the Caucus for Women in Statistics (CWS) are pleased to host the first annual Florence Nightingale Day. This inaugural event will be held for middle and high school female students (grades 8-12) at th ...[Read More]
Published: Sep-18-18
Tags: Events

Welcome, Shasha Bai, to BMI!

​Dr. Bai joins us as a Research Assistant Professor here in BMI. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Ph.D. in Biostatistics in 2014 and was previously an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Pediatrics at the University of Arkans ...[Read More]
Published: Jul-02-18
Tags: Events

Welcome, Pengyue Zhang, to BMI!

​Dr. Zhang is an instructor in the Departments of Biomedical Informatics within the Ohio State University College of Medicine. He is trained as biostatistician and bioinformatician. His research interests are in the fields of pharmacovigilance, phar ...[Read More]
Published: Jul-02-18
Tags: Events

Welcome, Xia Ning, to BMI!

​Dr. Ning was trained as a Computer Scientist. Ning’s research is on Data Mining, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics, and their applications in Chemical Informatics, Drug Development, Medical Informatics and Health Informatics. She develops eff ...[Read More]
Published: Jul-02-18
Tags: Events

Stata Conference hosted in Columbus, OH July 19-20

​Join Stata users and experts at the 2018 Stata Conference in Columbus on July 19-20. Experience what happens when new and longtime Stata users from across all disciplines gather to discuss real-world applications of Stata. The Stata Conference p ...[Read More]
Published: Jun-12-18
Tags: Events

BMI's Own IR&D Team Develops Heart Attack Survivor App 'MyHealthTrack'

Rose Chumita, a registered nurse at Ohio State's Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital, knew that her patients were desperate to improve their heart function, but they didn't have the right resources to keep them accountable and monitor progress.​Chumita d ...[Read More]
Published: May-31-18
Tags: Research
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