The institute was formed with the goal of improving quality and relevance of evidence available to help inform healthcare decisions.  Specifically, PCORI funds comparative effectiveness research (CER) with patients and other stakeholders involved throughout the process. To support this patient-focused research effort, PCORI initiated a national data infrastructure that unites patients, clinicians and other stakeholders in collaborative partnerships. The National Patient-centered Clinical Research Network, known as PCORnet, is designed to support research by harnessing the power of large volumes of health data, enabling research to be conducted faster, less expensively, and on a larger scale than has been possible previously.   


PCORnet is a tightly integrated partnership of 9 large Clinical Research Networks (CRN), 2 Healthplan Research Networks (HPRN) and a Coordinating Center.  The Patient Empowered Research Network, PaTH includes University of Pittsburgh, Geisinger Health System, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, Temple University, The Ohio State University and University of Michigan.


All OSU investigators have access to the de-identified PCORI data, which is present in the PCORI database. The minimum approved data count is 11, and no separate IRB or Honest Broker approval is required. To request data, please complete the OSU PCORI Data Request Form. Requests are serviced under counsel of OSU PCORnet Governance Committee. For more information, contact us at