In the evolving landscape of healthcare and medical research, the AICIIS stands as a beacon of innovation. As a pivotal section of the Biomedical Informatics Department, AICIIS bridges the realms of AI, digital health, and clinical informatics. With an unwavering commitment to harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence, this section is dedicated to reshaping the healthcare industry, elevating patient care, and ushering in an era of data-driven, patient-centric solutions. Our dedication goes beyond research; we are shaping the minds that will define the future of healthcare.

Our Vision

Lead world-class research and implementation on AICIIS, cultivating the most skilled workforce in this domain.

Our Mission

Within the Biomedical Informatics Department, AICIIS leverages strengths in Clinical Informatics, Machine Learning, and AI. We focus on:

  • Delivering transformative research and outreach programs.

  • Translational impact on healthcare through innovative AI and CI technologies.

  • Deploying cutting-edge solutions at the point of care within healthcare systems.

  • Training the next-generation of biomedical scientists, from undergraduate, to graduate  and post-graduate levels, and equipping them for the future of healthcare.

Our Values

Excellence, Innovation, Translation, Impact, Integrity, Teamwork, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.

Our Faculty

Xia Ning

Ping Zhang

Naleef Fareed

Saurabh Rahurkar

Courtney Hebert

Yuan Xue

Weiden Cao

Kimerly Powell

Tasneem Motiwala

Tim Huerta

Lang Li

Soledad Fernandez