The graduate minor in biomedical informatics introduces students to biomedical informatics theories, tools, and applications. This minor gives students the opportunity to work with clinical and biological data sets, optimize the extraction of knowledge from big data, and understand how to make data-driven decisions in research and/or clinical settings. Students who complete a minor in biomedical informatics will have this achievement documented on their university transcript.

Why get a minor in biomedical informatics?

A graduate minor in biomedical informatics benefits graduate students training in the basic and computational sciences, medicine, and public health, who seek training in biomedical informatics approaches, technologies, and theories in conjunction with their major program of study.

Curriculum for Biomedical Informatics Minor

A minimum of 15 total credit hours in Biomedical Informatics courses are required to receive a graduate minor in biomedical informatics. These hours must be distributed among at least five courses and they must include three core courses: BMI 5710 – Introduction to Biomedical Informatics, BMI 5740 – Introduction to Research Informatics, and BMI 5760 – Public Health Informatics. The remaining 6 credits are electives chosen from the list below. Students must receive a grade of B (or better) or S in each course comprising the graduate minor in biomedical informatics.

The student may consult with the Vice Chair of the Education, Dr. Ping Zhang, to choose courses that best suit the student’s scholarly objectives. Additional BMI coursework not listed below may be approved by request to the Vice Chair of Education in advance of taking the course. 

Available Coursework for Electives (all courses are 3 credits each):

  • 5730: Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • 5750: Methods in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science
  • 5770: Health Analytics: Data Discovery to Dissemination
  • 7040: Clinical Informatics
  • 7600: Metabolomics Principles and Practice
  • 7810: Design and Methodological Approaches in Biomedical Informatics
  • 7840: Advanced Topics in Biomedical Data Management