BCBS stands at the crossroads of computer science, engineering, mathematics, biology, and medicine. Through advanced computational and analytical approaches, we deduce innovative biological hypotheses and conclusions. We champion the development and application of data-mining algorithms, computational methods, and systems-biology approaches, addressing vital challenges in biomedicine.

Our Vision

  • Lead world class research programs in bioinformatics and computational biology research.
  • Foster a thriving academic environment for the growth of faculty, staff, and trainees.
  • Roll out comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate training programs in bioinformatics and computational biology.

Our Mission

  • Drive and develop bioinformatics and computational biology methods, supporting holistic clinical and basic science research.
  • Contribute significantly to clinical and basic science domains.
  • Train the next wave of informaticians in bioinformatics and computational biology, preparing them for future challenges.

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