BMI Excellence Award

The BMI Excellence Award was created to recognize the excellence of faculty and staff in all areas and disciplines in terms of research, mentoring, teaching, leadership, and service. This gives colleagues and supervisors a chance to thank their fellow peers by nominating them for the award in whatever category they best fit. The categories typically consist of: Administrative and professional, faculty collaborative research through grant or MOU, staff collaborative research through grant or MOU, faculty teaching, faculty mentoring, faculty research, student research, postdoc research, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for faculty or staff.

BMI Award Committee

The BMI Excellence Award Committee was founded by Department Chair, Dr. Lang Li, and Vice Chair, Dr. Soledad Fernandez, in 2020. Members from faculty, staff, and students are recruited with the suggestions by the department Chair and CFB leadership. Every year, the award committee works together on drafting award guidance for different award types, calling for nominations, reviewing the nominations, and then voting to get awardees.

BMI Award Committee Co-Chairs: Xiaoli Zhang &  Dongjun Chung

Diversity Chair: Xia Ning


2023 nominations are now closed! 

BMI Excellence Award Recipients


Shanessa Rees, Laura Sullivan - Administrative and Professional service

Courtney HebertFaculty Teaching

Qin Ma - Faculty Research

Lai Wei, Soledad FernandezFaculty Mentoring

Guy Brock - Faculty Team Science

Cankun Wang - Staff Team Science

Shan Tang, Bo Peng - Graduate Student Research

Neena Thomas - Staff Mentorship and Leadership

Naleef FareedDiversity, Equity and Inclusion Enhancement (Faculty)



Gabrielle Kokanos - Administrative and Professional

Xiaokui (Molly) MoFaculty collaborative research-grant

Jing Zhao - Staff collaborative research-grant 

Songzhu (Sonia) Zhao - Staff collaborative research-MOU 

King Fai Au - Faculty teaching

Ping Zhang - Faculty mentoring 

Xia NingFaculty research

Yuzhou Chang - Student research

Aditi Shendre - Postdoc research

Mahmoud Abdel-Rasoul - DEI-staff

Courtney Hebert - DEI-faculty



Neena ThomasAdministrative and Professional Service

Xiaoli ZhangFaculty team science research-grant

Lai Wei -  Faculty team science research-MOU

Greg Young - Staff team science research-grant

Joseph McElroy - Staff team science research-MOU 

David Kline - Faculty teaching

Xia NingFaculty mentoring 

Kin Fai Au - Faculty research


2023 nominations are now closed and pending