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The Department of Biomedical Informatics contains the following research areas:

  • The complementary disciplines of bioinformatics and computational biology focus on the collection, classification, storage, and analysis of biochemical and biological information using computers, particularly as applied to the basic sciences.
  • Clinical and Translational Informatics:
    Clinical and translational informatics encompasses the sub-domains of biomedical informatics including clinical research informatics, translational bioinformatics, and their intersections with clinical informatics and public health informatics. The sub-domain focus on the application of informatics theories, methods, and emergent technologies to address fundamental data, information, and knowledge management challenges in the clinical care, clinical research, and translational research domains.
  • Data Science​:
    Data Science is a multi-disciplinary field concerned with the generation of information and knowledge from diverse and heterogeneous component data sources. Data scientists employ a variety of quantitative and computational methods to place complex data sets in context and render them actionable in the form of human or computer interpretable knowledge.​​​