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Points of Pride

Small Classes, Intimate Learning Environments

Each year, a new class of approximately 26 freshmen begin the Biomedical Science major. From the first day of classes at Ohio State, these students take a mix of courses that are only for students in this program and other courses that can be taken by any member of the student body. Each semester, the Biomedical Science students  take at least one class with just their Biomedical Science classmates. Biomedical Science courses are taught by the same faculty who teach the medical and research students.

Research Experiences

All undergraduate students at Ohio State have the opportunity to pursue research; however, the Biomedical Science major is the first major that has incorporated biomedical research experience into its regular curriculum. During the freshman and sophomore years, students complete seminar courses exposing them to the major research projects occurring at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center by the very people conducting the research. This allows students the chance to learn what research topic they might like to pursue in their junior year, but also which researcher would best serve as a mentor. Students spend the junior year engaging in a research project that may be extended into the summer and the senior year, if desired. Additionally, some students begin working in a lab as early as their freshman year.

Preparation for a Variety of Graduate and Professional Programs

The Biomedical Science major is just the starting point to students' academic careers. This major is designed to provide a strong undergraduate preparation for students who wish to pursue further education in medicine and/or research. Students have time to complete the prerequisites for just about any professional program at Ohio State, including optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and medicine, as well as prerequisite courses and requirements for programs outside of Ohio State.

Individualized Attention

In addition to the opportunity to meet and know professors and researchers in our small class sizes, students have the opportunity to interact with support staff throughout campus. Students have the same academic advisor throughout their time at Ohio State, and the advisor works exclusively with the Biomedical Science program. When students are beginning to prepare for your graduate school interviews, the advisor is available to conduct mock interviews. Throughout the four undergraduate years at Ohio State, students tap into the rich resources Ohio State has to offer.​

Informed Decision Makers​
BMS students have unique opportunities offered to them; they can conduct very in-depth and extensive research experiences. They have physician shadowing opportunities that other students do not. They can take many graduate-level science classes as undergraduates. Students who take full advantage of the opportunities​ afforded them make more informed decisions about their future careers, both at the time of graduation and later. For example, many BMS alumni want a clinical career in medicine, but also want to incorporate research or administration into their careers. As these alumni go through their graduate education and early careers, they recall the experiences they had as undergraduates to determine where they want to go in the future.

Strong Sense of Community
Biomedical Science students feel they are a part of something special. Their classmates are colleagues, not competition. When one BMS student succeeds, the whole major and everyone affiliated with it benefits. This sense of community is reinforced by a mentoring program between freshmen and upperclassmen, social events, and a classroom environment that encourages collaboration.​​​