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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Video

This year’s Orientation program included a new initiative, a BookRead featuring freelance science writer, Jessica Wapner, who visited campus to discuss her first book, The Philadelphia Chromosome. New incoming students as well as students and faculty received a copy of the book to read prior to her visit. The entire Medical Center and OSU community was invited to attend Wapner’s lecture. Published in 2013, the book was named a top 10 nonfiction book by The Wall Street Journal and chronicles the discovery of a chromosome that would later be recognized as the sole cause of a deadly blood cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). 


The theme of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program is "The Biology of Human Disease." This graduate program trains students to investigate human disease through a process of integrating information across several traditional biomedical research disciplines. Our graduates possess a breadth of understanding for the mechanisms underlying human disease, which coupled with intensive integrative research training, positions our graduates for success in a wide range of career opportunities.