Research Areas 

Although the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program is an interdisciplinary program and promotes collaborative interactions, we realize that each student needs to also develop a strong core of expertise within an established area of research. Therefore, during the second year, students begin to focus their studies on one or more of several established research disciplines referred to as “Areas of Research Emphasis” in which the student must complete curricular requirements in a specific area of research to request graduate specialization transcript designation. 

It must be emphasized that there are no barriers to inhibit students from being involved in more than one area of research emphasis. Indeed, the fluidity of this system has allowed some students to develop dissertation research projects that are interdisciplinary in nature, such as neuroimmunology. If the student fulfills the course requirements for both areas of research emphasis, then they will receive dual transcript designations. 

Learn more about each area of research emphasis

Learn more about each area of research emphasis

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