Our PhD in Biomedical Sciences is offered through the College of Medicine and designed to provide high-quality training to prepare graduates for successful careers in biomedical research.

Our goal is to train talented, predoctoral students about interdisciplinary approaches to biomedical research, critical thinking and technical proficiencies necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving fields within biomedical sciences. The BSGP is an umbrella program that includes faculty from multiple departments. Students explore 11 different areas of research emphasis. Required courses are the same for all students. We seek to train our students to become part of the biomedical scientist workforce and to make meaningful scientific discoveries in academia, industry and government.


There are many ways to pursue a scientific career in biomedicine. Our program will provide you with an outstanding opportunity to achieve your goals. We offer helpful tips for before and after you apply to the program.

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Designed to allow graduate students to build a solid foundation for their professional lives as biomedical researchers, the BSGP curriculum maintains high standards of intellectual rigor, fosters creativity and passion for research.

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Research Areas

While our program promotes collaborative interactions, each student will develop a strong core of expertise that can be within an established area of research. Most students focus their studies on one or more of 11 areas of research emphasis.

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Our People

The BSGP is comprised of over 300 faculty members from nineteen departments across Ohio State’s College of Medicine. This interdisciplinary team enables our graduate students to build solid foundations and make high impact discoveries as researchers.

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Where are our alumni now?

Christian Harding, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder, VaxNewMo

Christian graduated from the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program in 2015, VaxNewMo is focused on developing next-gen vaccines against existing and emerging bacterial threats. Here, he talks about how he left a career in academia to start his own company in biotech.

Devyn Gillette, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology at Bowie State University

Devyn graduated from the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program in 2013. As an innate immunologist by training with some experience in microbial pathogenesis, she is excited to be able to study how hosts respond to invading pathogens and how immune systems function.

Michael Hoover, PhD

Research Scientist

Michael graduated from the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program in 2017, he is now a Research Scientist at Charles River Laboratories. He currently works in the bioanalytical chemistry group in the safety assessment business as a method development scientist.

Hannah Stanley, PhD

Senior Medical Writer

Hannah graduated from the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program in 2017, she is now a Senior Medical Writer at Conisis LLC., an agency that works with pharmaceutical companies. As a senior medical writer, Hannah serves as a  liaison between physicians and pharmaceutical companies as they seek feedback on clinical data.

Discovery and Innovation in Medicine

Placing your heart in an artificial world

Nahush Mokadam, MD

Beating cancer through research with patients

Sameek Roychowdhury, MD, PhD

Harnessing the immune system to ward off diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's

Eugene Oltz, PhD

Accelerating medical research through fellowships and student engagement

Rosa Lapalombella, PhD

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