The breadth and depth of the curriculum, the wide range of dissertation research projects available to students, and the close individual student mentoring requires a large graduate faculty in several traditional disciplines. The Biomedical Sciences accomplishes this through the cooperation of over 300 faculty members from across the OSU College of Medicine. All of these scientists have been granted the highest graduate faculty status given by the OSU Graduate School, thus qualifying them to teach doctoral students.

Our faculty are physically located within the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, Nationwide Children’s Hospital of Columbus, College of Pharmacy, and College of Veterinary Medicine, providing for a broad diversity of faculty expertise for input into the training of Biomedical Sciences students.

Faculty sort by last name

Faculty sort by last name

All faculty have the following attributes:

  • Commitment to graduate education
  • Previous experience with graduate training in the Biomedical Sciences and other graduate programs
  • Quality of her/his research program
  • Commitment to, and evidence of, previous collaborative research
  • Current, pending, or start-up funding to support a student

Many of the core faculty members have extensive experience training doctoral students, participate significantly in program activities, and are dedicated to the philosophy of graduate research education. 

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